Episode 7: Levitation

Episode 7: Levitation Have people actually lifted off the ground in prayer? Is this a real thing or artistic embellishment? Brad Farmer ponders the historical reality and how it applies to real life. Become a Patron!

Episode 6: St. Benedict Medal

Episode 6: St. Benedict Medal Learn the powerful prayers of the St Benedict Medal and its origins. The St. Benedict Medal is a sacramental that has been used: against witchcraft, spells of magicians, of wicked and evil-minded persons. and all other diabolical influences. to obtain the conversion of sinners, especially when they are in danger… Continue reading Episode 6: St. Benedict Medal

Episode 5: Go Through It

Episode 5: Go Through It Br. Jude has some provoking thoughts on going through difficulties. The Saints were everyday peopleā€¦ I almost said ordinary, but as CS Lewis notes in his magnificent essay, the Weight of Glory, there is no such thing as ordinary people. There are only immortal horrors rejecting God by their own… Continue reading Episode 5: Go Through It

Episode 4: Patron Saints

Episode 4: Patron Saints How do Saints become associated with different patronages? What does it even mean to be a patron saint of something? Brad Farmer and Br Jude Emmanuel, OFM, Cap. discuss. Become a Patron!

Episode 3: Truth Claims

Episode 3: Truth Claims How do you know that you know what it is that you think that you know? In other words, what are your sources? How do we verify a story is true? Become a Patron!